I picked up my transcript today, so I got to see my grades early (as opposed to waiting for them to come in the mail). Drum roll please!

AP Eng Lit: A
AP Biology: B
Physics 1-2 H: A
AP Economics: A
AP Psychology: A
Chamber Singers: A

So happy! I thought I was going to get a B in AP Psych because my grade listed on the sheet he posted up was an 88.9%. I didn’t think he’d be nice enough to round that up. Aww. Now I have nothing against him, haha.

Really, the grade for AP Econ is combined with AP Gov because we switch every two weeks, but at least my grade is an A when the colleges receive my transcript for my midyear report :)

On another note, Knox College just sent me this huge course catalog. Looks like a novel. I don’t know, it got me really excited when I saw it. I guess it just reminded me that I’m actually going to college.

Now that it’s second semester, I think I’m going to take it easy a little bit. Knowing me, I’ll probably still have the “OMG I MUST GET A’S” mentality, but I’m going to try to maintain B’s. I don’t want to make myself shoot for A’s anymore. I want to RELAX for once. And enjoy school.