Boy, I am behind on my blogging. A lot has happened so far.

But for today, I will blog about Chubs, my lovable cockatiel :D

Sometimes I tend to fall asleep in my bed while he is still in my room, exploring and playing. Normally, I’d be worried if I let a bird run around (yes, he tends to run more than fly ;) ) unattended in my room (that spells out poopage and lots of shredded papers), but not Chubs! Well, majority of the time, anyway.

Chubs is a very good alarm clock when I am napping. He tends to wake me up. I’ll be sleeping, and time to time he’ll come running down my blanket towards me. He’ll stop right at my chest, take a look at me, and then run back to what he was doing before (usually admiring my stuffed animals). Haha, it’s so cute. It’s like he’s checking up on me.

When my nap turns into a deep sleep, I end up waking up with Chubs nested on my shoulder, with his head tucked into his feathers, sleeping. SO CUTE. It’s like he’s thinking, “Hmm, I guess I’ll join my owner in her slumber.” Gah, so cute. <3