I found this cute article about Chocolate Orange.

Yum, Chocolate Orange is very good. I barely finished the one my mom bought me for my birthday/Christmas, but before then I haven’t eaten one of these babies in probably seven years or so.

I love the chocolate with a hint of orange taste, and it’s fun whacking the ball of chocolate till it splits into segments :D

I was intrigued by this website, so I took a look around and found this: Deep Fried Oreos. Here’s another recipe.

This is definitely a first time for me. I have never heard of that before, and it looks somewhat disgusting (the picture I posted on this blog entry looks pretty good though) and extremely unhealthy. But I love oreos and I love fried batter… so hmm… I might actually try it! I don’t have any oreos though, so I’ll have to keep this recipe in mind for later.

I’m such a junkfood junkie :cool: