There are so many things I’m barely learning about… the fact that my grandmother died because of cancer, or that my parents weren’t married when they had my older brother, and the fact that my mom never legally took my father’s name.

I wish I could learn more, or learn about these things earlier. I obviously couldn’t have asked about these things if I didn’t know.

My mom and dad are starting to be a little more open with me. I’ve had at least one talk with either of my parents—for once a talk that didn’t focus on scolding me or telling me to do well in school. Things are happening, and they’re kind of scaring me, but one step at a time. I think right now I’m just leaving it in the back of my mind for myself to think about them again later.

On another note, I went to an Alzheimer’s home today, and mostly spent my time talking to this woman named Beth. She was very pleasant to talk to. She asked me at least a dozen times what school I went to and if I had heard about the high school she went to, so that was a little funny. It didn’t matter too much though, because every time she would ask the same question I would answer and then ask her a related question, so I would hear different stuff about her life.

The most hilarious part of the hour — this lady, who apparently was French, went walking around, asking people if she could kiss them. At first I was like, um okay, and let her kiss my cheek. But obviously she had Alzheimer’s too so she would do this repeatedly. Once we caught on to her kissing spree, we started hustling around the room, trying to avoid that woman. It became quite comical because we were all rushing about the room. Oh gosh, both funny and disturbing. I wonder why she liked to kiss people.