I wonder how I’ll react once the acceptance/rejection letters start coming in. I can’t picture myself crying, because really, it’s not that bad…but I’ll probably be a little pretty disappointed.

Pomona is by April 5.
Scripps is by April 1.
UCLA, UCD, UCSD, UCI, UCSB are by March 31.

Already Accepted:
Knox College
CSU Long Beach
UC Riverside

I’m definitely not worried that I won’t get accepted into any college like I was a few months ago, but now I’m a little worried about whether or not I’ll be accepted into schools that I would really like and would suit me best.

Fingers crossed!

My mom left this morning for Vegas for another hair show (she’s a hairdresser), so hopefully I won’t sleep in tomorrow morning. I think Marty might walk me to school though, so he’ll probably make sure I don’t sleep in :P