I always knew the cost of college was extremely high, but as I’m receiving my Cal Grant status, waiting for my federal aid, and applying for scholarships, my hope is getting a little crushed.

I got my Cal Grant status back yesterday in the mail and I was denied. I was using estimates though, since we did not have our 2007 tax forms done until recently, so I will give an appeal a try…but otherwise…that’s it. I know California is cutting back the education budget.

I KNOW college costs a lot. But my dream school right now is Scripps College, a private school. And I seriously did not add up the expenses until today. Yes, I saw the numbers, but I didn’t add up all of the expenses. Well, I did and the total (if I wanted to go to Scripps) is $47,750. How in the world can I pay for that? Even if I do end up getting a lot of scholarships and some financial aid (although I am guessing we won’t be getting a lot, since nobody is sympathetic to middle class families…) I won’t be anywhere near the total. I want to go beyond a bachelor’s degree… but that can’t be possible if I pay that much for just four years.

I’m losing hope…