Well, this evening I was at the Chamber of Commerce scholarship reception. I didn’t feel like going earlier today, but I take that back entirely. For one thing, I am grateful for such an opportunity and for another thing, it was an enjoyable experience.

I sat next to this girl named Teresa and she was very pleasant to talk to. Both my parents attended, so that was sort of a first time kind of thing.

I received this big, heavy bag of good stuff like gift certificates and pens (I love pens). I also received this beautiful bouquet of wonderful-smelling flowers from my sponsor. I got a large, framed portrait of myself taken by Florentine studio. And last but not least, I received a $1000 scholarship. It wasn’t a full ride scholarship nor was it a $3000 scholarship, but it was double what I had been expecting. I was expected $500 so I am very grateful. Dinner was pretty good, too, just to throw that in there. lol.

It was nice seeing some of my classmates or former classmates from other schools.

I wasn’t expecting to make a speech, so I just made some quick thank-yous to people.

My parents never seem happy enough with whatever I receive or accomplish, but for me at least, I feel very happy. And despite the lack of enthusiasm from my parents, I know they still care about me and will be happy when I reach “success.”