Note to self: If the laptop keyboard ever starts typing the wrong letters or numbers, simply press CTRL + NUM LOCK. I don’t know what triggered this, but the keyboard went all weird. It was probably caused by Chubs, who tampered with my keyboard and pulled out a button.

Yeah, I started panicking when I was trying to type something and the letters I was trying to type turned out to be numbers. At first I tried retyping to see if I made any mistakes or had my fingers in the wrong position… but then I saw that it wasn’t me and I started freaking out. Haha. So then I went to my desktop computer, searched Google, and found that really easy solution mentioned above. w00t.

Since I’m on a roll for technical talk, I upgraded WordPress. Yessss. 2.5! There are no changes visible on the public blog, but the back end is sooo much better. Quite an improvement. I love WordPress more and more with each upgrade. And what amazes me is that it’s always improving and it’s always been free.