Hmm, so my mom is is Hawaii for vacation for this week. Lucky her! I want to visit Hawaii someday :( The rest of my family (brother, dad) is at home. At least I’m on spring break. Note to self: take a picture of the entire family once Mom comes back. The last one we took (using the timer on my camera) was two years ago. The timer feature on cameras is the best thing next to sliced bread. haha.

Yesterday I saw the movie, “21.” I liked it. The ending was less predictable than most movies… you know the kind. Most movies these days have this ending that you fully expect. I guess we still watch them though because they are satisfying enough and what matters most is the action and plot in between. Anyway, I would recommend “21.”

Chubs has been a very good little bird lately. Since he’s been so good he’s allowed to stay out of the cage for practically the whole day. He also learned how to do the wolf whistle! It’s so cute. I finally caught that on my camera. He’s so adorable.

And while I’m jumping around with different topics, I updated the domain’s splash page and the collective. Not too drastic of a change, but I think it looks a little cleaner, simpler, and maybe a bit more professional. I’ve been reading the reviews from Petshopgirls Reviews. Honestly, I don’t have the guts to request a review from them quite yet, at least until I improve on things I already know I could fix. Reviews can be so painfully blunt and insensitive. I’ll save that for when I’ve grown more of a backbone. haha. But anyway, I’ve been reading reviews of other sites and some of the criticism on their sites is very helpful in terms of how to improve my own.

And to seal the deal of this very random entry, I end with one word: whippersnapper!