It didn’t “wow” me. Campus-wise, it’s just like a bigger version of UCI. It’s veeery big and there’s no way you can get the freshman 15 because of all the walking. The buildings are very beautiful and there are nice places to eat, fountains, very nice library, etc.

I guess it could have just been the weather today in southern cali, but it was freakin’ hot.

I suppose it depends on your college, but I got into Thurgood Marshall, and there are only triples or singles, which is a turn off because singles are expensive (and you don’t get a roomie) and triples are very stuffy. Perhaps the other dorms are nicer, but compared to UCI, I would pick UCI dorms over Thurgood Marshall dorms.

Academically, I’m not that informed on which would be a better environment, but I definitely like UCI for it’s smaller campus. It seems more homey and the smaller size makes it seem easier to make friends and connections.

So I would weigh UCI and UCSD the same except for the few perks that each campus has (since each campus is unique in its own way), but because UCI is cheaper for me and extremely close by…it will probably win.

Yep. It was worth the visit though. Lovely campus. Erika is in the process of trying to convince me to go to UCSD right now though, so if she ever is able to sway me, I will keep my blog updated on what UCSD has to offer :P

Besides that, the actual car trip was long and hot. Gah. But props to Tri for driving :) We ate at Rubios. Yep. Also, my mom is now home from Hawaii. I feel kind of sorry for her though, because she said it was mostly raining when she was there. I have so much homework to do, but it’s freaking hot and I’m tired. Blah.