• Do you like bananas?
  • Would you like to eat ice cream without guilt?
  • Is your freezer lacking ice cream on a hot day?
  • Would you like a new way to eat bananas?
  • Did you buy too many bananas?
  • Are the bananas on your counter too brown and spotty to look tasty?

If you answered yes to the first question and any of the following questions, you’re in luck!

If you haven’t heard already, frozen bananas are a dream for any banana lovers. Peel off the banana peel, wrap the banana in plastic wrap, and stick it in the freezer. Repeat with any other bananas if you wish. Wait till it is frozen.

For a banana popsicle, it will be very convenient if you cut it in half, stick a popsicle stick at the bottom of the bananas and then wrap them in plastic wrap. After it is frozen you can cover it in melted chocolate, yogurt and granola, etc, re-freeze it, and eat!

If you’d like something more similar to ice cream, you can take the frozen banana(s), stick it in a food processor, add a splash of milk and vanilla extract (optional), and wait for it to have a creamy texture. Or, if the food processor is too much trouble, you can just mash the frozen banana the old fashioned way—mortar and pestle. NOTE: it will melt quickly so eat it right away or stick it in the freezer…or else you’ll be eating banana goo.

I heard freezing grapes is also tasty. I’ll have to try it…