My goodness… I am so tired. I have a huge urge to just go jump into my bed and go to sleep until tomorrow morning.

…but I am trying to force myself to stay awake so I can finish my essay and do my physics homework. I almost finished my English essay on the bus. The bus. Can you believe that? iPod + Music is a big help in getting me to concentrate. The essay is not very good though, since I was quickly growing tired on the bus, but I at least know what I want to say.

Ha, the second we sat down inside of the bus, I turned on my iPod, and guess what happened? It froze on me. “Oh whaaaat?” It happened to me once before, but I forgot which buttons to press in order to reset it. I was absolutely determined to get it to reset because the night before I charged it and added new songs, and I was all ready for the 4 hrs total on the bus. So…I pressed all the button combinations possible and I finally got it.

Note to self: If iPod is frozen, toggle the HOLD button on and off, and then press MENU and the CENTER button at the same time.

The 4 hrs (about 2 hrs going and maybe less than 2 going back) on the bus was so much more enjoyable with my music. I remember back when I used to dread bus rides because they were dead boring. Well, now with technology, I can listen to music easily. Heck, I even remember when I was old-school and brought my CD player on the bus ride to Six Flags last year. Times are a-changin’. lol.

Bringing snacks and eating Madonna’s Hawaiian chocolate (turns out she was in Hawaii the same week my mom was!) definitely made me feel better, too.

I also got to spend some time with Diana and Madonna. I’m really glad I got to meet them and know them a little better.

Oh, and we were also ghetto and changed into our outfits inside of the bus. lmao. Mr. Henson got out of the bus to scope out a place for us to change, but while he was gone we all just decided to screw it and changed in the bus. haha. That’s how we do in the ghetto. Honestly, I think I’m over it. I’ve had to change with the guys in the room at least 3 times now. It’s really no big deal, except for that one embarrassing moment during the last concert when it was all empty and Brian walked in, but other than that…yeah.

And the big news: we got a “superior” on our performance! Yes. That’s what I wanna hear. Who wants to hear “poor” after a 2 hr bus ride??? On an individual level, I think I am happy because this time I remembered to keep my facial expressions and be happy/peppy/bouncy during the happy songs and I am pretty sure I hit the notes and remembered to swell with the dynamics.

What I hated was how the hosting choir song four LONG ASS songs at the end when all I wanted to do was get on the bus and go home. What also shocked me was the song selection by some choirs. I thought choir festivals were supposed to have a little more…formal songs instead of having weird songs with dancing and stuff like that.

Once it was finally over, we hopped on the bus and stopped to eat like at 8:40 PM or something, I think.

Dead tired, but not as bad as I thought.