Yay, I was invited to go to the ceremony for the top 100 seniors in our school district. So that means I’m one of the top 12 from our school.

We got called up to see the principal, and she congratulated us and stuff. But what irked me was when she was kind of downplaying UCI. Like, I didn’t think my own principal would do that. Isn’t she supposed to be encouraging?

It seems like it’s the default assumption for people to think everyone who goes to UCI is because it’s close. JUST because it’s close? Isn’t also a good school for science? Isn’t it also a lot cheaper so those who can’t afford it can still attend a distinguished university? What if I like the school just for the school? Man, that bugged me.

But whatever, top 12 makes me happy. I just wish UCLA and Scripps had taken that into account. Oh well. At least I can still feel accomplished and recognized for my hard work.