It was an awesome night and I had a very good time.


The night before I painted my nails. It’s a pretty, metallic, purplish blue color. I also stuck in little nail jewels.

The next day my mom had to fix my hair early in the day (around 11 AM) because she had appointments with other girls who were going to prom. That kinda sucked because I couldn’t take a nap…I was very sleepy!

My hair didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. I wanted a half updo—half up and half down. As my mom was almost done I looked at my hair and it looked like a mullet in the back! To make things worse, it was time for my mom to leave for her appointment. She didn’t even start on my makeup yet. I started crying. I guess I was just disappointed because I was counting on my mother for her time to make me look fab for prom, but instead she was going to do someone else’s hair for prom o_o The downside of having a hairdresser for a mom, I suppose. Always booked when you would like your hair done too!

She misunderstood my tears as me being angry at her. I made it clear that I was just disappointed and that I didn’t blame her for anything. I mean, I was grateful she could do my hair in the first place. So then she told me she would just go her appointment a little late. She fixed my mullet and turned it into a complete updo and did my makeup.

So anyway, that was the first time I have ever worn makeup, excluding drama and musical theatre shows or Halloween :P


I wore a short, royal blue halter dress. I also wore a tiara!, rhinestone bracelets, and silver shoes. At first I was worried about wearing a short dress because everyone I asked seemed to be wearing a long, traditional dress. Eventually I got over it and decided to wear my short dress. It was beautiful, on sale, and there is a much better chance of me wearing it again. I forgot to took a good look at everybody’s dress during prom, but I would say there was a good number of both short and long dresses. Since my dress was short, I decided that the bracelets and tiara would spice up my look.

Marty came inside with the purple corsage :grin: The look was complete :P


That “breathalyzer” was a total rumor. But hey, maybe that scared people and prevented them from drinking before the dance, lol. Security was pretty tight too. They confiscated Marty’s gum pack, lol. Could be drugs, I guess.

There was a buffet! Not bad. There was pasta (two kinds), bread and butter, salad, mexican food (tacos, I think), and a lot of desserts. Cool, because I didn’t eat dinner and I was hungry. The service was very good, too. There was always a waiter/waitress waiting to take away plates and cups so the tables were very clean.

I’m glad I didn’t go in the limo with the other group. They arrived seeming very angry and tense. Plus, 28 in one hummer limo seemed like a big cramp.

We rode a horse carriage! It was dark outside and the carriage looked like a princess’s pumpkin carriage with lights. Really cute. We squeezed in: Jessica, Jocelyn, Susana, Alex, Scott, Mart, and me.

We took a professional group picture at 10. That was somewhat stressful. People were yelling at each other and stuff, and the group in the picture had too many people who kept coming in (me included). I don’t see what the big deal was. Just wait for everyone, and take the picture. Simple. No need to get all mad. I also took a separate couple picture with Marty. I hope it turns out nice.

Dancing was interesting. Eventually I stopped looking around while dancing because there were so many people freaking. It bothered Jessica a lot, but I was okay with it. I mean, there’s no need to look at them, lol. I didn’t take any pictures of the dance floor, however, for obvious reasons.

I also did karaoke with Jessica and Mart: “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer! hehe

I spent some time alone with Marty, too. We ate lots of sweets and talked. Hehe, it was really nice :)

Some more dancing, and ended prom with a slow dance with Marty <3 I think I saw everybody I wanted to see at least once, so that was good. They all looked so good! That's why I love formal events...I get to feel like a princess and see everyone dressed up so sexily, haha. It went by pretty quickly. Usually there's always some downtime at dances, but I think I enjoyed every moment this time. The fact that I did a variety of things throughout the nice instead of just dancing was good because my feet didn't hurt and I feel like I got the most out of the dance, haha. After Prom

After prom we went…bowling! Apparently the limo crew didn’t go to Denny’s because their allotted time for the limo was up. Plus, I’d much rather go bowling than eat…I was already full from the buffet.

Jessica called Fountain Bowl, but they said they sold their last lane :( However! We had a backup plan and called Irvine Lanes. Plenty of lanes open! They had a “Galaxy Bowling” thing going on where you pay a flat fee and there is music and cool lights. Jess and I had to buy socks from a vending machine because we only wore heels. Hehe, my first time wearing bowling shoes…and going bowling!

At first I did not know that the balls had marked numbers on them, indicating the pounds. So guess how heavy my bowling ball was? 16 pounds!!!! After I looked at all the bowling balls, I realized the lightest one was 9 pounds. Geez, no wonder I could barely throw it and my fingers hurt. I broke a nail, lol. I asked for a bandage. The guy at the counter was very nice. He gave me a bandage and told me about how he breaks his nail every week bowling. When I told him I wanted to rent a lane, he said to me, “Did you win?” and I was confused. “Uhh, I want to rent a lane.” “Did you win???” “I haven’t bowled yet, I want to rent a lane.” “Did you win?” “Oh noooo…I’m wearing a tiara just because I wanted to.” haha, I thought he was asking me if I won the bowling game.

I threw a lot of gutter balls, but it was still fun and I improved a lot throughout the night. Mart was really good and eventually Jessica beat us both by a lot.

The lights made it cooler and the music they played was cool, too! It was like being at prom again, except we were bowling :p

The Advice

Mrs. Harkins told us some good advice on Friday during class. She told us that we all spent SO much money on prom, so we all should just enjoy the night and not let any small detail ruin the night. It was a very helpful reminder because throughout the night, some weird things happened but I didn’t really care. I had more of that nonchalant attitude. I’m happy with how the night turned out and I don’t regret any of my decisions.