I received a $5,000 scholarship from the Change a Life Foundation!


This has restored my faith in scholarships. I’ve probably applied to around 20 scholarships already. So far I have received a $1000 scholarship and I am a finalist in another scholarship “Voice of the Future” (even if I don’t receive money, I will still get my essay published, so that’s cool). Although that’s cool, the Change a Life scholarship is the first major scholarship I received!

I started doubting scholarships because one of my friends is valedictorian and her resume is AMAZING. I started wondering why organizations didn’t just pick people like her as winners. I guess the essays are a lot of weight to the application, but I still don’t know how the scholarship process works. At least now I know…there is hope!

Again, my mom didn’t show too much enthusiasm but I know she was proud of me because she kissed me on the forehead. Subtle, but at least I know she is proud.