I tried giving myself a French manicure for the first time today. It looks not bad, maybe even pretty good, haha :razz: . I couldn’t find a creamier color though, so I used white for the tip. I like French manicures that look natural… not the long, fake nails with a huge slab of white on the tips. Not very appealing, in my opinion.

Despite my self-discipline against wearing makeup, I still think I’m pretty “girly,” since I love doing my nails, buying clothes, etc.

I don’t remember if I wrote about this before, but I decided that I’m only going to wear makeup for special occasions. I know that makeup gets addicting once you wear it regularly. Makeup hides the true face, and people get used to the drawn face. Then, once the makeup isn’t on anymore, people give you a second glance and think, “Hmm, she isn’t as pretty as I thought now that the makeup is off.” I don’t want that to happen to me. Plus, putting on makeup very rarely makes it a surprise when I actually do it. It’s something new. It should be an enhancement, not a necessity.