I love technology!

One month after buying the latest model, it becomes an outdated model. I hate that, but that’s the price of getting cool, new stuff.

My camera, for example. It was on sale, and extremely thin for a digital camera. A year later, my mom buys a new camera for herself. Her camera is smaller, and instead of using a stupid dock, all it needs is a USB cable.

Developed pictures? Now you can pick which ones you want and don’t want through digital cameras before paying money and having them printed. With a bunch of online promotions going on, the total price is also often discounted. Also, you don’t even need to leave your house (unless you want to) for the pictures because they’ll deliver them right at your door. Picking them up at a store is half the price of the shipment fee, but what’s the point when gas prices are up the roof now anyway?

Oh technology, how I love you.