Things have been overwhelming lately.

The deadline for sending in some papers for my financial aid verification passed a few days ago, and of course, I totally forgot about it. All of this senior year business and scholarship business made me forget completely. I freaked out. On the website it stated that my financial aid may be jeopardized if I did not meet the deadline.

The day after the deadline, I decided to go to school tardy in order to call the financial aid office since their hours are only from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. School starts at 8:00 and I was not going to come home until past 7:00 PM so I had no other choice. It took me around twenty minutes to be forwarded … and only to be directed to an answering machine. That sent me over the edge and I teared up a big with all the stress I was feeling.

I came to school twenty minutes late, and Mr. Wilson asked me how I was doing. I think he felt sorry for me because he could see me on the verge of tears, so he didn’t give me a tardy card. I think he’s been really lenient with the tardy cards with me. He still gives them out to other people, but he seems to give me some slack.

Well, that’s over and done with, and I think I’ll be okay. I went in person to the office, and it was taken care of very promptly. Even to this day, the office still never returned my call. Go figure. Hopefully everything will run smoothly. I really need that money.

Besides all of this college stress, there’s been stress at school, too. My Pop Show performed by choir is this week and I am nowhere close to ready. We’re having rehearsals from 3 to 7 so I’ll be sick of school for a while. I had to go to Wal-Mart to buy the clothes requested by my director (we’re all wearing the same things for the show). I try to avoid shopping there because of its immorality, but really there was no way of getting out of this because I needed to buy the outfits for our show. I was surprised with their low prices. They are seriously low. I can understand why people shop there though; with money being so difficult to produce and keep, why not save as much as you can? However, I think economically well-off people should try to stay away from buying Wal-Mart items.

Anyway, I’ve got three final group projects due on Friday and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do it with my Pop Show this week…

And on another note, I’m growing so much more attached to Marty. One year and three months so far. I am falling deeper and deeper each and every day. It’s scary every time I think about what it might be like when I go to college. I just hope somehow we’ll be able to make it through together.