Because I am a geek, I still play Maple Story and the third year anniversary of its opening just passed. The game is absolutely free, but the “NX Cash” is a perk you can buy. I feel guilty buying NX Cash, but guilty no more, hehe. Why, you ask? PrizeRebel! This will probably be the only time I will endorse in a website ;)


PrizeRebel – “Your gateway to free prizes” they say. Generally I’m pretty skeptical of “free” sites…but I have faith in this one, and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, you have to earn points in order to claim any prizes. The list of prizes is pretty nice. Besides Maple Story related items, there are other prizes: online games, PC games, consoles, console games, music, toys, gift cards, anime & manga, etc…and not to mention you can custom order a prize, meaning you can get anything you want on Amazon or Ebay. Sound good?

In case you’re more of a video person, you can check out the video I made by clicking here.

1 point = $1

Good, yes? I think their point system is very doable. You get points by completing offers. There are different categories: absolutely free, credit card required, and cell phone required. I can’t tell you how reliable the cc or cell phone ones are. In fact, just to be safe I recommend you to avoid those. The offers sometimes show up in your completed offers list within a few minutes, while others may take from an hour up to a few days. Personally, I was able to get enough points within a few hours, so that is not much of an issue. Compared to other sites, they are very quick.

Once you have enough points for your desired prize, you can claim it. Easy as that. One thing I like about this site is they do NOT ask for your address when you register. If you’re brave enough, you can order a prize that needs to be shipped to your house, and they will only ask for your address when you claim that prize. Otherwise, the other prizes such as game codes only require your email address and PrizeRebel does not spam your email at all. PrizeRebel is very prompt with their prizes. I claimed a prize on July 3rd, but was disappointed since the site news said that the staff would be on vacation for the July 4th weekend and would not be back until the following Monday. However, on July 5th (a Saturday), I received my code in my email.

“How do they pay for all this free stuff?” you’re probably thinking. Well, the offers you complete for points are their sponsors, and I’m sure they’re making more money off of us than we’re receiving in free gifts.

“But nothing is FREE!” If you want to be really technical, I suppose you’re right. You have to complete offers in order to receive points. However, let me say again that this does not require money whatsoever. The surveys and advertisements do get tiring, and it does take up a lot of time, but that is the price of your prize. It, however, does not involve any money. For those who have some spare time or can multi-task while watching TV, it is not a big deal.

“What if I don’t get my prize?” Some sites are known for having you do offers for them, but in return they give you nothing. My experience with this site, however, is different. I actually received something from them within a few days. If you are skeptical about this, why not try claiming a prize with the lowest amount of points? The cheapest prize currently is worth 5 points. Give it a test spin and once you receive the prize, I’m sure you’ll want to receive more. There’s really not much to lose. Do it while you’re watching TV.


  • Be sure to read their FAQ and Terms of Service. Make sure you know what’s going on so you can be sure you’ll get your points and prizes.
  • PrizeRebel will not spam your email, but the offers you complete will. So create a separate email account, and use that while completing offers.
  • While completing offers, I recommend you to avoid entering personal information, such as your name, address, phone number. Stay safe, spam-free, and bill-free. However, make sure the information you input is at least somewhat accurate, or else some of the sites will not accept it. For example, put a real street for the address, but not necessarily your street. Make sure the zip code and area code for the phone number correlate, but do not enter your entire phone number. etc…
  • You will most likely get tired of having to click the radio checkboxes for “no.” Sometimes, you can keep your mouse in the same spot and just scroll down to click all the “no” boxes. However, sometimes this doesn’t work, so you can press “tab” and press the arrow button to toggle the checkboxes. This is much better than having to move your mouse and click all the time.
  • If you download RoboForm, however, it will save you a LOT of time. You can store different identities and with just a click, it’ll fill in the forms for you. It can also make it so that you can select all the “no” boxes, instead of going through them one by one.
  • Make sure you briefly read the top or bottom of the offer pages. Check “no” for any checkboxes to continue. Most likely, you will not need to even need to check off anything. You can simply press “No Thanks” or “Skip” so definitely look for those before you start wasting time.
  • Make sure you clear your cookies every time you finish an offer to ensure that you will get credited.
  • If you are impatient, save yourself the frustration by doing as many offers as you can, and don’t log back into the site until the next day. You’ll be sure to see points by then and you won’t be tempted to check back every few minutes.

    So click here to join today ;)

    PoorCookie approves! haha :grin: