I’m still quite behind on updating my blog… but…

Not too long ago, maybe a year or two ago, I remember my brother made a mess on the kitchen floor. He’s 26 now and I’m 18 now, and this was not that long ago. Being the responsible (ha) children we were, we decided to mop the floor and save our poor mother the trouble of cleaning the mess.

Despite the fact that I was in my late teens and he was in his twenties, we were still airheads and didn’t know how to do much. Now I know you’re supposed to mop with one with 1/10 liquid cleaner and 9/10 water, or something like that, but at the time of this story, I did not know…and neither did my brother. So he dumped a whole crapload of liquid cleaner into the water and mopped the floor with it.

He complained that it made the floor all greasy, and it was worse off than it was before.

It’s hilarious as I look back on it now, because we put at least 10x as much cleaner as we should have in the water, and in the end my mother had to re-mop the floor anyways. haha. Good times. :smile: