It’s amazing how rude people can be sometimes.

I seriously need to go to SPOP (student parent orientation program) already and reassure myself that I made the right decision for college.

I get so many put downs from all sorts of people, it makes me doubt, feel bad, and have seconds thoughts. I’ve had bad words coming personally from all sorts of people, even my high school principal. “I’m just worried and urge you to think about your other options,” she said. And just last night from a friend, “Why would I want to go there?”

I mean, how rude can they be? I respect if other people have problems with it, but I don’t respect people bringing me down, especially if they know I will be going there. I seriously think the put-downs outweigh the people who are supportive and encourage me. Hell, it’s like UCI is UC Santa Barbara or something (notorious for partying and STDs).

Why don’t people understand that UCI is the best choice for me? I’ve worked too damn hard during high school to NOT go straight to a university. Of all the UCs I was accepted into, UCI is extremely close to home and although that aspect might seem unappealing, it allows me to: 1) save money 2) be close to the important people in my life, and that would be my 1+ year boyfriend and my family. I’m going to dorm there freshman year regardless of how close it is to home (20+ mins). I’m definitely going to meet new people because I don’t know anyone from my high school who is dorming and living on campus will be a good thing.

There are approximately at least 1500+ 4 year universities in the United States. Of that many colleges the U.S. News & World Report 2008 rankings of America’s Best Colleges…UCI is number 44. Do people realize that? So why would you put down the school? I bet if I went to some obscure private school that was not even in the rankings I would receive more praise.

God, I hate having to deal with people’s perceptions, and extremely open condescending opinions.

Although I respect people going to a certain community college I will not name, I fail to see how some people going there can put down my university. MY school is going to be like high school? I really hope not, but I don’t think you can say any different about that community college because I believe about 80-85% of the seniors from my high school will be going there. Now how is THAT any better?

I seriously need to be proved wrong really soon. And not just that, but I’m going to prove them wrong myself by making this one of the best four years of my life.