Today I took the placement tests for Chemistry and Calculus.

The experience was more inconvenient than I thought.

My test ended a little late, and since I haven’t had a cell phone in years (the only cell phone I had before was a pre-paid…and now it is dead), we agreed that my brother would start driving to school at 11:30 (takes about 20 mins to get there) to meet me in front of In-N-Out. So much for that plan. As soon as my test ended, I tried to get there as quickly as possible. However, I couldn’t find him standing anywhere in front. I went through the entire parking lot checking the cars. I must have looked weird, but I did it.

I went back and forth, going through the parking lot, checking In-N-Out, and checking the front of the school where he dropped me off in the morning. I tried the public phone, but the damn thing wouldn’t take my quarters. I called 1-800-collect but apparently cell phones (or at least my family’s) do not accept collect calls :neutral: Almost an hour must have passed and I was getting desperate. So finally I went back to the front of school, and awkwardly asked some guy if I could make a call on his cell phone. Finally, he came to pick me up.

And all this because why? I DON’T HAVE A CELL PHONE! Dear lord! I’ve asked for a cell phone since 8th, maybe 9th grade. The pre-paid phone made life a little easier, but we stopped paying for it because I was supposed to get a REAL phone. However, at least two years have passed and I still have no real cell phone, so now I’m stuck without even a pre-paid phone. I’ve had so many ordeals that occur just because I don’t have a cell phone :???:

RANTING aside, I “marginally passed” my tests. haha…I did pretty bad. But apparently it was good enough to be placed in the normal classes, rather than the lower classes. Math and chem are soo not my thing… Eh.