I never posted about orientation, SPOP. It was great, no sarcasm. It truly has made me feel at least a little bit more at home with the college. I listened to people, got information I needed, and registered for classes. The first few hours on the first day were a little bit awkward and lonely. However, once I reported to the my residence hall, I started making friends. I even was reunited with a friend I made a year ago at a program.

We played some games, and usually I’m the party-pooper who doesn’t like to play, but that day I did anyway. We were all new and had nothing to be embarrassed about, so it was worth trying everything. At night we made a trip to Cha for Tea (yummy) and had a “dance” on top of the roof of a parking structure. My new friends didn’t dance, so I had nobody to dance with, but it was alright. The best part was when we went inside of the parking lot and made one giant circle of people holding hands. At least 300 people were there, so it was huge. Then it was kind of like snake, where we ran zigzagging through the parking lot, hands still attached. There was this mellow music too, so it felt really out of it.

Later that night back at the dorms, we played more games, but my small group was tired out, so I didn’t participate much. When I went upstairs, I finally got the chance to take a shower (haha, tested out my future shower). I’m gonna have to figure out how to get dressed. I’m thinking, after the shower, change in one of the toilet stalls. I know, maybe I’m being too much of a prude, haha, but I don’t want to have to run in a towel back to the dorm room (which may not be empty anyway).

ANYWAY, despite the fact that I didn’t participate in the late night games, I still talked to my roommate for a long time, and I couldn’t fall asleep until 5:30 AM, which was when it started getting quiet and no more people were running in the halls :neutral: lol. So the next day we were all dead tired. People were falling asleep as we were listening to *exciting* :lol: presentations. After that we had workshops that we attended. Very sleepy, but I think the workshops I went to were worth going to. It was a long day. Finally, we went back to the residence hall again and did the last group activities. Everyone sat in a circle, with our backs to the inner circle. Everyone had their eyes closed, except for a couple of random people picked to go into the circle. Some statements would be said, like “touch someone who made you smile,” etc, and the people inside the circle would comply. It was cool because it was totally anonymous. I think everyone, including me, was surprised that they would get touched. It’s kind of a nice feeling, knowing that at least a couple (or a lot) of people think positively of you…and this was within a timespan of less than two days.

Also, our group cheer was…

We are the lago,
We win the lotto
We like gelato(?)
Crunchy like taco
We can shoot free throws
Unlike Shaq-O!
You know our motto…

Lollipoppin’ lazertagging, laker-lovin’, lago-land!

How in the world did we memorize that in less than a day…it kind of amazes me. haha. And yeah, one of our group leaders (called a staffer) was an extreme Laker fan, so that would explain the cheer. Plus, he even printed out really unflattering pictures of Kobe faces for us to hold up. @_@

It was a good experience. Some people of other orientations complained of boredom, but I honestly enjoyed orientation. I made friends, which I wasn’t expecting, and it probably wouldn’t have been possible if I had gone to orientation with people I knew. So I guess it was a good thing I had nobody to go with. It gave myself the guts to just say “hi” to any person walking next to me and start talking to them, because I knew we both knew no one and were bored.

Currently, this is my schedule:

  • BIO 93 (LEC): M W F
  • BIO 93 (DIS): T
  • BIO 2a: W
  • CHEM 1A (LEC): M W F
  • CHEM 1A (DIS): T
  • So that’ll be 14 credits. I actually changed my schedule around. The first schedule I had started bugging me because I packed too many classes onto the same day…Friday. It didn’t seem to appealing. So now this schedule is much better (Thursday off!), but classes are much earlier than my first schedule. My first schedule didn’t have classes until the afternoon (a dream come true for a nocturnal girl like me), but the new schedule…the earliest class is at 8 AM :eek: But hey, it’s worth it for the newer, better schedule.

    This may be stupid, but I’m kind of disappointed with one thing…this thing called a major. Okay, here’s the deal. I always knew with a major you focused on one field more than anything else. I just thought that you’d have some room to take other classes too…some fun stuff. But after looking at the required classes I have, I really don’t have any room. And the 24 elective credits I got from passing AP exams…I don’t think I even need a fraction of that many elective credits because I have mostly required classes. I thought college would have a little more freedom. I guess it’s a dream come true for those who want to study nothing else but their major…but I guess as a girl who is always going to love writing, I wonder if science will work out for me…

    With more recent news, my brother finally ordered a cell phone for me. I seriously wonder why it wasn’t done years ago…it’s way cheaper than expected and it’s definitely a better deal than having a prepaid phone. It was ten dollars more to add a new line, and twenty dollars for the phone (which is purple, might I add!!!). I’m really glad I’ll be getting one though. I’m going to feel so much safer. No more waiting an hour for someone to pick me up…just because we can’t find each other.

    My boredom at home has prompted me to do some major cleaning (I even inspired my brother to clean his room), READ a book, and even REVIEW my chemistry. Amazing, I know. I have this huge craving to go back to reading like I used to. Many summers ago I would finish a stack of books from the library in a week. I really want to go back to that, since I don’t think I’ll be able to do that after this summer for a long, long time again. So I’m thinking of asking my mom if I can have a subscription to Paperspine. It’s like Netflix…but for books. I know what you’re thinking, why not go to a library? Well, the closest library isn’t exactly close, and it’s also…well, ghetto.

    Besides all of the hoopla, I’m starting to feel lonely this summer.