So apparently we’ve been ordered to cut the “vines and bougainvillea” that are growing over the wall into the city sidewalk. If it’s not done by next Saturday there will be a $350 fine. If they ever have to post the warning paper again, that’s an additional $25 for the notice.

Here’s the funny part: they’re not even our plants!

They’re our next door neighbor’s. It’s funny because I remember a long time ago, my parents complained about their overgrowing vines. They always grew right over their wall and went into our side. I think somebody talked to our neighbor and asked him to keep the vines off of our side, but I don’t think that ever happened, so we would cut it ourselves. However, then he would complain about how our trimming made it ugly and made his pool (in his backyard) dirty.


After a while I think we just gave up on trimming the ugly vines (some people compliment the vines…I think they’re ugly. Maybe we just think they’re ugly out of spite?).

And now, this. City orders to trim the damn thing or else a fine. LOL. That’s infuriating yet funny (because of the irony) at the same time.

Did I mention that the man is very annoying? I know it’s not good to judge people and dislike your neighbor without knowing them, but he’s like one of those stereotypical characters who sit on their front yard and yell “get off my lawn!“.

Okay, that was an overstatement, but yeah. Other than the vine issue, he’s talked to us at least twice about being trashy. He’s complained about the trash on his lawn, trash he is so positive that we left. Ummm, okay? I don’t see the point of leaving trash on his lawn and I definitely don’t see the point of leaving trash on my own lawn. There are multiple windy days here and I’d be surprised if there is anyone on our block who has never had a piece of trash on their lawn because of the wind. Talk about high and mighty. You stay on your side and we’ll stay on ours, buddy.