The three new technological loves of my life have arrived this summer: MacBook, iPod, and cellphone.

The cellphone was first to come in, and ever since then it’s been totally worth it. Might I say again…it is a purple phone. That alone makes me love the thing. lol, but seriously, life is so much more convenient. My family can just check up on me when I’m out or it’s getting now late (which means no more where-have-you-been!’s). My friends can finally contact me now (we never pick up our house phone unless people leave messages…which 70% of people don’t). And I totally utilize the free minutes I get after 9 PM and on weekends.

I have a new iPod Nano 3G (my old iPod is G2). It came free with the student deal from Apple for the laptop. It’s chunkier in width, but a bit thinner. And it’s red (yay for fighting AIDS). 8 GB! Twice as much as my old iPod. So that means I can now fit almost my entire collection of music onto the iPod. I didn’t select everything, so I still have 2.6 GB left on the iPod :) I gave my old iPod to my brother…so now he has a G1 and a G2. I told him to give one to our mom, since I know she’d like a nice MP3 player (my dad bought her a cheap one a long time ago and I haven’t seen her use it for a long while since…), but he insists on keeping both, lol.

The laptop deal also came with a free printer but the damn thing won’t work. “INCOMPATIBLE INK” which is ridiculous because the ink came inside with the package…

And the big bamboozle: my MacBook! Honestly, I wavered back and forth between getting a Dell XPS or a MacBook. Pricey, but I’m hoping this MacBook will last me for a long time. It was really weird and difficult to get used to, but it’s only been two or three days and I feel almost comfortable using the Mac now. As my brother describes it, the MacBook is “dyslexic.” Opposite of everything we’re used to in Windows. The bar is at the top, the minimize/close buttons are at the left of the windows. You can’t tap the trackpad, there is no right button for right clicking. It’s command instead of control. The famous CTRL+ALT+DEL is now Option+Command+ESC.

Despite the weirdness, it’s not too difficult getting used to. The pros about the Mac…this thing shuts down with lightning speed. It just turns off, like that. Installation? What installation? When we first turned the Mac on, I had to type in my name, a few things, and there was nothing else to do. Amazing. We can see now why people would prefer the MacBook…it’s much easier for those not tech-savvy. I’m much more used to Windows, but the quickness and ease of use for the Mac is baffling.

Of course, can’t feel safe without having windows, so my brother did Boot Camp and Fusion. Allows me to use Windows on this Mac in case I have any Windows programs that I can’t run here. And so far it has already come in handy: the dell printer doesn’t seem to work on the Mac…only with the Windows. I also installed Maple Story on there (yeah, shows you how addicted I am). It actually is faster on here than my PC, but because the laptop has a minimal keyboard, playing games on here is not the best.

Ah yes, a new laptop. It’s really pretty and I like it. Technology is great :shock:

I’m giving my hand-me-down laptop from my cousin to my mom. It can’t play DVDs and it’s a bit slow (definitely can’t play games on it, lol), but I know she’d like to start using the computer. She tried starting a long time ago, but ever since then, she forgot how to use it and just gave up. I typed up a list of instructions to put on the laptop and print out for her this time, so that she can never forget. It feels really weird typing the instructions out because as a regular computer user for I-don’t-know-how-long, these things come naturally and seem rather trivial. But having experienced trying to teach my mom before, I kept hoping my mom would at least understand my written instructions. Maybe screenshots will help… I feel so bad about my mom not being “in” with all this technology because the rest of my family is (dad, brother, me). Despite the fact that my mom gets confused with technology easily, it’s also mainly because she’s too busy working or doing house chores to spend mindless time at a computer. I guess I’m more aware of that now, and I’m much more willing to teach her than I used to be (in the past I would get frustrated at her not being able to understand :sad: ).

Besides my new technological loves, I also have a bank account now. I only discovered recently that you don’t pay for school through credit card (lol). So now I have a checking/savings account, and my credit card should come in the mail soon.