So I had a movie night with Thuy yesterday and we watched three movies. Being that I live under a rock (according to my brother, who is a movie addict, lol) I haven’t seen some movies that everyone else has already seen :P

So today I was introduced to The Sixth Sense. I really liked it…although it was kind of sad.

I also watched P.S. I Love You, which was such a sweet/funny/sad movie. Everything in one. It was kind of the opposite of The Sixth Sense. In P.S. I Love You, the movie focused on the widow. In The Sixth Sense, the movie focused on the husband who died and widowed his wife.

And finally, we watched Pizza, while eating Pizza. It was just a random movie I picked up because we wanted a comedy to throw into the mix. The summary said it was a “teen comedy” so we just rented it. I could definitely tell it was a low-budget movie from the start. That movie has so many awkward moments. The awkward moments were so awkward it kept me amused. However, it’s not the type of “comedy” I was hoping for (you knowing, laughing because it’s funny, not laughing because it’s awkward :P ). Not too great of a movie, but it was worth watching. I love picking random movies because you never know; you might find a gem in the sand.