So the deal is, I have a triple. On the third floor, of course. Very surprised and somewhat unhappy at first, but then I just found myself hoping I would have a unique experience sharing my first year with two new friends. Pretty scared, but I hope what comes will be good. I haven’t packed or anything…in fact, I still need to buy some things :???: What’s awesome is I’m already somewhat connected to the two girls. One of them is close friends with this girl I’ve been talking to on FaceBook, and the other was in Lagoland with me at SPOP.

Other than that, I’ve just been almost very bored at home. Normally I enjoy relaxing at home, but for once, my summer vacation feels a little long. For the past years, I would feel like summer was too short and then I’d have to go through the same routine of school again. This summer, I have an extra month of vacation because of the new quarter system for college. I *am* enjoying the relaxation, but I’m slowly getting bored and scared at the same time. Not so much of a good thing. I really should have gotten a job or something, but I guess that’s another mistake I made. Oh well, that’s a lesson to get a job asap when I get situated.

Since the boyfriend has gone back to school already, I’m left alone early on into the night because he has to get his beauty sleep. That leaves me as the usual insomniac, but no one to talk to or play video games with. Hmm. And as I’ve done all the gaming, writing, and webdesigning as possible, I’ve just grown bored of it all. Not much of a motivation to work on my websites anymore or continue my stories. One bright side is that I will hopefully sleep earlier now that I’ve exhausted my options. Wake up earlier, do house chores, and go buy necessary stuff. Blah blah.

Besides stuff being a drag, I watched a movie tonight. I guess you could call it a “goal.” My goal is to watch movies I’ve always wanted to see or should see. I have not seen a lot of movies that everyone has, so with all my free time maybe I can catch up.

Movie Bit: Today I watched The Silence of the Lambs. That movie is freaky. It got me all freaked out and my heart rate rising. Actually, I’m glad I never watched that movie before because I don’t think I would have been ready for it, haha. 18 is a good, ripe age. Or maybe 80 would have been better. haha j/k. What made me very curious was Dr. Lecter’s attraction towards Clarice. He finds her very interesting and that seems to be enough to let her live. It’s amazing how his character can be so civil, rational, intelligent, and polite. It makes you forget that he…well…eats people. I love the quote he says: “I’ve no plans to call on you, Clarice. The world is more interesting with you in it.”