So I’m writing this from a couch in the family room. My brother’s snoring on the floor and my mom is sleeping on the mattress laid out here. Maybe my dad would probably be sleeping here too, except he has work tomorrow and the alarm clock he needs is upstairs. I don’t really see how hard it would be to bring the clock down and reset it, but oh well.

My mom had a surgery for the (benign) tumor in her stomach yesterday and now she is home. When the nurse rolled her out to our car in the wheelchair, she looked so small and weak. I feel bad that she has to go through this pain. I thought she was doing better, but apparently she feels sick – swollen and an urge to vomit. Hopefully we’ll call the doctor tomorrow and see what is going on. I hope she gets better soon, or else the next two weeks of recovery is going to be very difficult.

Meanwhile, here I am. I’d sleep in my bed upstairs, but I think my mom feels safer with us here in case she needs anything. Kinda difficult for me to sleep here, but I guess I’ll be knocked out whenever I’m really really tired.