My mom’s doing much better now. Except being a little weak, her recovery is actually going very well (she can walk, go up the stairs, etc). Yesterday’s scare was due to the pain medication; she had an allergic reaction to it. I was reading the possible side-effects, and it was unlucky for my mom to be allergic to it because the paper said allergic reactions were rare and unlikely. She got a different prescription now, and she’s doing fine. Food-wise, she has to eat light, so we bought soup, yogurt, apple sauce, and jello. I know she’s getting tired of it though. I also made her some porridge.

I barely ordered my books for school today and they were hella expensive. I totally took it for granted when my high school teachers would say we were lucky for having free books. I’m buying a few books from a past student, and I really hope that will go well. Hopefully the difference in editions won’t throw me off too much.

I cleaned the junk under my desk and I ended up recycling a 12 inch stack of papers. Whew. Education wastes a lot of papers! lol.