Well, lately there hasn’t been much downtime and when there is, I’m dead tired…so that probably explains why I didn’t document my first few days of college. Hopefully I can go in more detail later, but since that’s when classes starts, I don’t really know if that means I’ll have more time or the same lacking amount of time :???:

Basically move-in day was last Saturday. Kind of hectic, but not too bad. My entire family came, and that made me feel SPESHULZ. We went out for dinner after they helped me lug my stuff up three floors to my triple dorm…

My roommates, I feel like we are all respectful of each other, so that’s good.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling really unwell the past day. It’s either my lack of sleep, lack of eating (I still eat two meals a day, but I guess I ate more at home with snacks in between and late dinners), too much sun, or maybe it’s all combined. Hopefully soon I can get a full night’s sleep.

Right now it’s welcome week, so there’s something planned every day, which is why it’s been kind of busy.