I voted in my first presidential election! How exciting. November 4, 2008. I dropped off a mail-in ballot. It’s so much more convenient (although I didn’t get to try the polling machines).

I didn’t vote on many props that dealt with selling bonds because I don’t feel informed enough to make decisions that would affect the economy. I did, however, vote on some. I’m happy the prop 2 passed (regulations on animal confinement). I’m really surprised prop 4 did not pass (parental notification before abortion), considering I thought a lot of people would be conservative about it. Personally, I voted yes, because I think it’s a consequence that must be dealt with. Abortion is still allowed; it’s just that the parents would be notified. I’m also very disappointed prop 8 passed (eliminates right for same-sex couples to marry). It’s kind of sad because my gay friend got engaged over the summer… I also wish the props regarding alternative fuels were passed, but they weren’t (tax raise is probably what repelled people). Maybe someday…

Although it’s refreshing and amazing to find that we had an African-American president or a female vice-president nominees for major parties, it’s still kind of sad… I’m sure many people voted based simply on whether they liked African-Americans or women. However, that’s okay because even if we had African-Americans or women run for major parties in the past, that situation would have had to come up anyway. Now is the time for stepping stones, and hopefully someday we’ll be able to chose the best man or woman, regardless of their race or sex.

It’s kind of funny, I barely found out this year that my dad was Republican. The rest of my family (mom, brother, myself) is Democratic.

I wonder how Barack Obama will be for the next four years. I have faith in him. Although at the same time, I’m not expecting *too* much. I’m sure there are lots of big challenges waiting for him. I hope there will be some good changes.