Today I went to the Hurley winter Warehouse sale with my mom and it was awesome. I’m pretty sure there was even better stuff yesterday on Black Friday. Nevertheless, I still found stuff I liked. I swiped up this sweet purple jacket (I LOVE PURPLE). Fleece jackets were $25; normally they’re 50-60 bucks. We also picked up some thermal long sleeves for $15…nice and warm. I also bought a beanie for 10 bucks. I normally don’t wear hats, but maybe I can start now :P Since most people probably did their shopping on Friday, there was barely any line of people at the cashiers.

I have this obsession with jackets, I think. I’ve got 1 coat, 1 sweater, and maybe 8 other jackets. I’d buy more if I could. But the good thing is I’ve been wearing some of my jackets for many years and a lot of them vary in thickness. The new coat my mom bought me is too awesome. I’ve never had a coat before, but my mom got me one for the cold winter coming up.

I hope this isn’t the beginning of a shopping obsession :???: But I think this is just because my mom has been so nice and bought me so many gifts (which add up and count as my Christmas/birthday presents this coming December). Although I never get double the presents like people would expect, at least this year my mom has been giving a LOT of things. I think it’s kind of a subtle sign that she misses me? I’m not sure, but I don’t remember her buying me so much stuff in such a short period of time before. I guess it’s her own way of being sweet.