Okay, so spent about half an hour to an hour figuring out my schedule for next week. Yeah, I wasted another hour doing something other than studying :( At least it was for something that is remotely useful. I should have about 36 hours of studying next week if I stick to the schedule. It looks pretty good since I will get about 7 hours of sleep and in between each 2-3 hour study session I have some sort of break (snacking, cleaning, gym/shower, dinner). The only thing is I will have to become a hermit next week and not have any time for socializing. HERMIT!

Then, I will probably have some kind of similar schedule for finals week, so I’ll probably be a hermit for *two* weeks. Whatever, I really need to pass these classes… at this rate I’m going to fail and it’s seriously scary.

Now that I have my week planned out, I’m going to need to make sure I get enough sleep Sunday night so I won’t be tired the next day and screw up my schedule. Also, I’m gonna have to stock up on some snacks. Note to self: steal some food since I’m running out of meal plans and steal a lot of fruits.