It feels weird; I still feel like I’m sixteen years old.

To celebrate, I was going to go to Six Flags with some dorm friends, but it rained… so that didn’t happen. When people ask me how my birthday was I answer with a simple, “it rained.” haha. That was unlucky, but it was okay. I probably would have been very disappointed in years past, but now I’m kind of indifferent. I was just happy that my dorm friends wanted to surprise me. They were going to surprise me after I got there. The good old “forget” my birthday and surprise me by revealing it was all planned. At night they were all together and sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone. Really sweet. But yeah, I didn’t get to see them.

Instead, my family and I went to eat at a sushi buffet for lunch, since I was craving sushi. I ate a lot and was very happy :)

Thuy stopped by to give me a gift, too.

I spent the day shopping with my mom. It was nice spending the day with her. She was going to buy me boots as my present, but even after liking five or more pairs of boots, none of them were my size! My feet are just inconveniently too small. We ended up shopping for like five hours and ended up buying just stockings and socks, LOL.

Apparently I missed Jackie when she visited me, so she dropped off a letter. It was such a sweet letter. It totally made my day.

I think everything put together made it a lovely day. Even the 55+ messages on FaceBook wishing me a happy birthday made me happy. It was the thought that counts, and I was pretty happy.