Today was really interesting… we had a campus scare.

I was browsing my FaceBook in my Consciousness class and I saw several of my friends’ statuses all saying something about being in a lockdown and that there was a man with a gun on campus. I found it pretty alarming, and it was confirmed when my friend told me she got an emergency text message from UCI that there was a suspicious man suspected of carrying a gun on campus.

It was funny because my Consciousness professor had no idea and after class she just let us out (when the rest of campus was in lockdown) and said “See you Friday!” haha. I didn’t go to my seminar class and just went straight to my dorm instead. About 5 minutes after I get into my room, there was a notification that they caught him in our student center.

After a while, it turns out he was just a student (who happens to be wearing camouflage) and carrying a paintball gun. WOW. That is pretty sad. I guess UCI still lives up to its reputation as being very safe (seeing as the police were all over campus for this incident).

I’m still not clear if they caught the wrong guy or if someone just saw the wrong thing and thought he was carrying a real gun. I’m thinking the latter.

Did I mention there was a helicopter that kept circling around campus? :shock:

UPDATE: It turns out that it was just a guy carrying an airsoft gun. HOW SAD. Well, I can we are safe to say Irvine’s security is still top notch.