I put off upgrading WordPress for a really long time because I thought to myself: why upgrade when I don’t need anything fixed? and if I upgrade my plugins might not be compatible anymore…

I’m on my three-day weekend, however, and I decided to give it a shot.

I am SO glad I did! WordPress 2.7.1 is amazing! Nothing on the outer end looks different (that’s a good thing), but behind it all in the admin section it looks great. I even had to delete one plugin because WordPress made improvements so that plugin is no longer needed. (If you’re curious they organized the links into side links that are collapsible now.)

Now you can upgrade your WordPress or your plugins by a simple click on a button, if I understand correctly. No more downloading and deleting and replacing files. I thought WordPress was going too upgrade happy, coming out with releases practically every few weeks, but I guess they’re getting closer to something that is really close to “perfection.”