My boyfriend bought me a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday last December and I loooove it. It’s my first handheld game console (and technically my first console ever unless you count a hand-me-down and broken PlayStation :) )! I have way more games than I could ever finish, but it’s cool knowing I can play any of them whenever I feel like it. I have the AceKard for my DS and it is the best thing ever invented.

I have this one game called The World Ends With You and it’s gotten really good reviews about it so I was dying to try it out. Downloaded the ROM and started playing, but it kept freezing at one cutscene and stuttering. After searching the web for solutions, I finally stumbled on something that works! Once you get to the trouble area, all you have to do is keep opening and closing your DS (aka putting it to sleep and waking up) repeatedly until you get past the cutscene. Worked like a charm and now I can play the game! Once again, much love to the internet!

I don’t really like to start a lot of addicting games at once or else I’ll never stop playing, so I’ve only been playing a few games. The ones I’ve been addicted to since I got my DS are: Theme Park (it’s like a version of Roller Coaster Tycoon), Animal Crossing, and Elite Beat Agents (as well as the Japanese versions…love their songs!).

My boyfriend is addicted to the Pheonix Wright games (mystery games where you solve crimes).

My brother loves playing Trauma Center.

I’ll probably be playing a lot more in the summer and during our trip to Florida this summer :)