Finals week is upon us! Time just escapes me like crazy. I slept early Friday night, and woke up early on Saturday to study. I have been ever since then (with regular sleep, bathroom, and food of course), but I still feel like there is SO much to do. I couldn’t study any earlier because I had different deadlines for homework and papers all throughout last week.

I’m totally nerdy but you gotta love it: I have a sticky note program on my MacBook, and I used it to stick “GET A BETTER GPA” on my desktop in huge, bold letters. It actually works when I look up at my computer from studying my chemistry papers. Just when I was about to give up or fool around, I’m reminded my GPA sucks :P Sigh… here’s hoping I get a better grade in chemistry this quarter :(

P.S. I am definitely gaining weight from the junk I am eating while studying and sitting around all the time.