I’m sad. I studied for a whole weekend straight for my chemistry test, and I did worse than when I did one all-nighter. I kind of feel like crying, because that’s so pathetic. I mean, I understand all of my chemistry material. I studied everything, I practiced textbook problems. And yet, I still managed to get 3 points below the curve. It looks like I might get a 78% in this class, a C+. I hate this. It’s not that I don’t understand chem. It’s the tests that I somehow mess up on. Honestly, I don’t think I would have done that bad if this test had partial credit. To our Prof. there is no partial credit, and this includes even if you have the wrong units or significant figures, or if you did everything right except one part. RIDICULOUS. There is nothing that separates me from people who didn’t even try the problem. We both get 0 points. That doesn’t test my knowledge of chem, that just tests how well I perform and how perfect and precise I can get my answer to be.

My chem lab was ridiculous too. I got a B+ for that class… same freaking grade as last year. I feel like I deserve an A- because my friend who got three times lower than I did on our lab practical got a B- which is not that far from a B+. It just isn’t fair. (Lab write-ups are graded based on curve within your class…meaning if your class did terrible and you did well you get a better grade)

I hate chemistry. I declare it on this day, I hate chemistry. In the past I had a TINY inkling of hope that I would do better in chemistry. For three whole quarters straight, I’ve done mediocre, despite my amount of studying, despite my amount of tutoring received. I feel hopeless.

Eff you, chemistry, eff you.