So today, I received my retainers. Yes, retainers that I must wear 24/7 for the next six months. AGAIN. I had braces seven years ago. WOW. It sucks, yes. But I guess it beats having to get braces again.

Apparently my teeth are “relapsing” and my buck teeth are starting to come back.

When was the last time I wore my retainers? I can’t even remember. Many years ago. So you’re probably thinking, “Well why didn’t you wear them?!” I will tell you the very funny answer to that. My brother told me that you don’t have to wear them anymore after you wear then for a year. Yeah, what does he know. But that was at least five years ago and my dentist never gave me instructions on how to wear my retainers. So I just blindly believed in him. And look where I am now -_-

I wish the internet was more prominent in my life back then. I looked it up today and have realized that yes, retainers are a purely *cosmetic* thing. You wear them to keep your teeth from going back to their former crookedness. Having braces was a cosmetic thing…so are retainers. Anything cosmetic will NOT last forever, and therefore you must keep it up for the rest of your life if you wish to have perfect teeth. Oy. If only I had known that five years ago. I wouldn’t have to wear these new stupid retainers for 6 months for day and night. It hurts!!! And the new retainers my dentist made for me are supposed to correct my teeth, so it hurts more than it would have if I had just normal retainers. I have a plastic, clear kind, so it gets extra drooly inside of them and there are even air bubbles. Gross?! Yes. It hurts like crazy when I take them off to eat or brush my teeth. I actually am scared when it’s that time. lol.

I can’t even talk normally like I could with my old retainers. These new ones are more in the way. I can’t even close my mouth all the way because the retainers get in the way.

Sigh. Well, I’m done complaining (but only because I ran out of complaints!). Good night.