I arrived at the dentist office early, for once. I woke up at seven in the morning today to shower, eat, and brush teeth. I felt clean and well-fed and the food was settling in (which was what I was aiming for, to avoid any throwing up…). We came even a little earlier than our appointment and my dentist didn’t even shower up until about fifteen minutes after my appointment. lol.

I finally took out my last wisdom tooth, in my upper left jaw. It was the last of four, and the easiest one, I think. This time there was only that wisdom tooth, so the operation went by very quickly. In fact, I think most of the time was spent by me sitting in the dentist chair waiting for the anesthesia from the shots to work as they worked on another patient.

As usual, I was really nervous. The shots had some pain involved, but they weren’t as bad as I remember them in the past. I read somewhere that the pain of the shots is related to how fast they inject.

Since this tooth wasn’t as problematic, she didn’t have to cut my tooth into pieces to remove, and I didn’t hear any of the scary cracking noises you usually hear when removing your wisdom teeth! There was just a lot of pressure, and it felt like she was scraping against a tooth (although that was probably the gum and bone).

I hope this means for a quick recovery. Hurray!!! NO MORE WISDOM TEETH FOR ME!