Today my adventure with Marty was at Souplantation. It’s not the greatest place to dine, but I will admit that I actually like this place.

It was weird…you are greeted by a buffet style of a bunch of salad items before you reach the cashier. Kinda confusing and unconventional.

Besides the fact that I had my final wisdom tooth extraction and haven’t had anything to really eat for the past week, I enjoyed eating here.

I stocked up on soup, pasta, and each of the different items at the bakery. I’d recommend this place if you like eating light food and can make your money’s worth by eating a lot of salad, soup, pasta, and bakery items. haha.

And the best part? I sat there eating with my favorite homeboy (hehe) for two whole hours! I did not even realize we were eating for that long until we got into the car and I looked at the clock. No wonder Marty was all breathing hard and rubbing his belly. HAHA. Granted, I did spend a lot of time waiting for my food to cool (hot food = bad for wisdom tooth socket) and trying to finish my food even though I was stuffed. :)