My parents took advantage of the Cash For Clunkers deal, and traded in our 1991 Volvo for $4,500 off of a new car. It’s a 2009 Toyota Yaris Sedan and I think it’s ADORABLE. There aren’t that many (or any) cars that I can call cute, but the Yaris is definitely cute. It’s very small (but spacious on the inside) with a cute, stubby front. It’s a silver car (my mom won’t let me get anything other than colors that “don’t get dirty”). After trading in our old Volvo, the Yaris was about $15,000. We were going to take the deal in the newspaper (a Dodge Caliber for 10,000) but my mom said it looked ugly (and I don’t really like hatchbacks).

Note: No, I do not drive and I do not have a license. People look down at me and automatically think I’m lazy. The truth? I am terrified of driving. I feel like I am not capable of having such a huge responsibility. I know I’m smart enough, and I know practice makes perfect, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have always had a fear of driving. THAT is why I put off getting my license. It’s probably stupid, and it’s probably silly, but there it is. I haven’t the heart to tell anyone because they’ll either look at me like I’m an idiot or brush it off anyway. So let them think I’m lazy. It’s a lose-lose situation whether I say the truth or not. People will not get off my case about driving either way. I’ll try my best, but stop making me feel even more bad than I already feel.