Yesterday I went to the O.C. Fair with some friends and I was super excited to try the infamous “fair food.”

I tried at least a bite of each: deep fried oreos, twinkies, snickers, and White Castle burger. Yep, all cover in batter and then deep fried. The verdict? Not good. And the last time I’ll be eating them. It may have been how they were prepared at the fair. The fried goods did not seem fresh at all. It was as if they were made beforehand and left on the display window, and by the time you buy it, it’s no longer crispy and crunchy (as I would imagine it to be). Instead, it barely had any crunch to it. It just felt like a warm center (whatever the inside may consist of) with a really sickening, soft batter on the outside. I will say it was all worth it in my being able to say I ate each of the previously mentioned. It’s like trying something new and unheard of that most people wouldn’t dare to touch. :P

I also had some “blooming onion” and some deep fried cheese curds. Those were pretty good, and make up for the other rejects.

My friend brought in a backpack for their school drive, so we got two tickets to the fair for free. It was a sweet deal, since the backpack came from her parents’ store and she didn’t have to pay for it at all.

We also got one free ride with the ticket, and we spent it on the Ferris wheel.

It was a good time, seeing friends I don’t get to see much, since most of them live farther away when they aren’t living near campus during the school year.