Today I got my permit. It’s not a huge accomplishment such as actually driving…but hey, it’s a step towards it, and I think that’s enough. I missed one question…haha. It’s funny because my brother bugged the heck out of me, telling me to study. As if I didn’t! “You gotta CRAM,” he urged. He didn’t believe me, but I did study. I read the manual a few times, used this site designed for teens (haha), took a few notes on things I didn’t think I’d remember, watched the official YouTube videos made by the DMV, and took practice tests. I’d say that’s good enough. Cramming? I didn’t need it, psh. It was cool seeing people of all ages…from my age to senior citizens.

It was interesting. There was this one man who didn’t pass his test, and the test proctor asked if he wanted to take it again today, and the man replied, “sure.” The test proctor asked, “Do you wanna review a little before the test?” And the man answered, “Why would I do that?” lol… This other girl got 12 questions wrong (and she had to get 6 or less wrong to pass). Ehh…sucks for them. Time wasted :/

Well, I guess my dad talked to my mom and calmed her down a bit from her “you must drive now” craze. She told me I could take my time learning and even suggested that my brother could pick me up and I could drive back even if I had my license, that way I’d feel safer and less nervous. I’m so thankful for that. I don’t know how my dad knew, or if he even knew about my fear of driving, but him talking to my mom put a whole lot of pressure off of myself. Thanks, dad.

Anyway, to celebrate, Mart and I went out to eat. Haha. We were going to go out anyway, but I like to say we “celebrated” :P We ate at Tofu House, and then got some baked pastries at 85C. I am still very full and the tummy is very satisfied.