Today I got behind the driver’s seat for the first time. It was as scary as I imagined, I tell ya, and I was only going 5-10 mph in an empty (but small and lots of turns) parking lot. I guess I’ll get used to it over time. It’s only the first day. Right?

Well anyway, I’m still thankful I got a new car to drive. The steering wheel is really light and the car is small enough for me to feel safer and in control (well, as in control as I’m gonna feel…which isn’t much… for now :P).

On another note, I’ve gotten into one of my random obsessions: bento boxes. I really, REALLY wanted one badly to bring to school for lunch. I found a really nice one for an affordable price, since it’s in the USA I don’t have to pay millions for shipping. However, I’ve decided to buy a more practical lunch bag for now from The Container Store. Maybe when I have some money of my own I’ll buy that super cute bento box set. Hopefully it’ll still be available! The lunch bag (or tote, really) is pretty nice and practical, so I’m still excited to have that. It makes packing lunch a little more desirable. I’m sure if I have a bento box someday, packing lunch will be even more fun :P