Today was the first day of school, and it started off pretty badly.

My mom came in my room at 8:30AM and was surprised to see me still sleeping. I’m usually good about waking up, but I slept around 4AM last year trying to figure out my FAFSA… I don’t have class until 12 but the math class I’m trying to get into was at 9AM and I definitely wasn’t going to make it in time (I live at home). I checked to see if there were any spots open so that I could decide whether it was worth rushing and arriving late to class…and of course, there weren’t any spots open. So despite getting ready and being wide awake, I decided not to go to campus until my noon class.

Of course, there’s always gotta be more bad news accompanying bad news. I can’t even waitlist for math unless I drop something (I have too many units) but if I drop anything I might not be able to get back in (and being on the waitlist gives you no guarantee!). I blame budget cuts for the lack of classes!!!! This is all too stressful and too dumb. T_T

Slightly along the “drama” side of my life, but I’ve got a huge issue with a Drama class (oh the irony). I need it for my general ed. and it is a supposedly easy class. If I got in, my load could be lightened a bit, my schedule would be rearranged a bit, and I would be free to take that math class I mentioned earlier. However, I made the mistake of telling a friend about taking that drama class and he proceeded to tell our other friends about the class. Long story short, they all got in, and the unfortunate one who had the initial plan of taking that class (me) is left in the dust. How ironic! I vow to never do anyone a favor again by telling them what class I’m going to take for fear of them stealing my spot! -_-

Aside from having a terrible first day of school and a terrible quarter to come (because of my schedule), I have recently come to the realization that I am in loooove with freshly toasted bread dipped in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixture. Dee-licious!! *love* I’m so happy I have discovered my new-found love for this combination.