Hello, if you’re reading this, that is GREAT news! ^_^

I have moved fadedout.com to a new domain registrar (NameCheap) and a new host (Thank you, SupahStar!). NameCheap has been relatively painless. I did have issues in the beginning with transferring my domain, but their live chat support was extremely quick and helpful. Afterwards, things went more smoothly. The second biggest problem I had was not receiving a verification email, but that is the fault of my brother, since he was checking the wrong email (he has like 10 different emails) @_@. Besides issues with the domain transfer, I had issues trying to restore Faded Out. But! As you can tell now, if you are reading this, many things have been smoothed out.

I AM still having some issues with the links on WordPress not working. Still trying to figure that out. T_T

As I planned, fadedout.com/blog will no longer exist. The blog will have a new home right at the main domain, fadedout.com. If I plan to revive any content or add new content, it will be linked to my blog. That way, everything will be much simpler.

So basically, two things have eaten up my weekend: being sick (why must I get sick at the beginning of the quarter??) and trying to work out these website issues. Result? No school work done at all. haha, oh boy. But now that I have figured out the kinks in my website, hopefully I can spend more time focusing on school and catching up *sweatdrop*