I think it’s hay fever season for me! The first time it happened was last week. It seems like I’ve been having regular episodes of this the past week. I probably spend 3/4 of my time at school so it’s pretty inconvenient when I get an allergy attack. I was in a computer lab and as soon as I sat down and started getting settled, I got this sudden attack of tears from my eyes and my nose acted up. Itchy, watery eyes, and a painful throbbing in my nose until an uncontrollable dripping of snot prevailed. That’s been happening lately because of the dry winds and tons of pollen in the air. However, for some strange reason, it looks like it’ll be raining this week. That means all the pollen will be washed away and hopefully I won’t get any allergies. When I did have these allergy attacks, I remember telling my boyfriend I never wanted to step outside of a building ever again so that I could avoid my allergy attacks, haha.

Regarding my website, I’m not really sure what’s going on right now. It seems as though other people can access my website just fine, but I cannot sometimes. Sometimes when I try to access my website, I will be redirected to a 404 advertisement page from my old webhost, BlueHost. Some of the time I am successfully directed to my new website. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve tried doing some research on this, and apparently your internet provider does DNS caching. So basically this makes your web browsing faster since the local DNS server doesn’t have to look up the host each time. The bad part of this is it might take quite some time for the entire internet to recognize any changes to DNS information. That might explain why some people can view my website correctly, but my household cannot. The only weird part I can’t figure out is why I keep alternating between the new site and the old site. I can understand if I can’t access the new site, but I don’t understand why I can access it sometimes and then it will switch back to being the old website. I’M SO CONFUSED D: Is it just my ISP being weird?

So yeah, that’s my guess on what’s happening right now. I’ll try my best to update this website, but obviously I can only update it when I am able to log in correctly and view the new site. It gets really inconvenient when I want to update and my site suddenly reverts back to the 404 page on my old host.