Don’t you hate it when you’re sick at a very inconvenient time?

I often get sick right before exams. Inconvenient indeed because it throws off my whole studying schedule. Did I mention I have 4 midterms next week??? I was supposed to have gone to a tutoring class at 4PM today and study at the library from 5PM till at least 8-10PM. Now it’s almost 5 and I didn’t even go to tutoring. I’m just at home eating some soup. Resting your body and replenishing yourself is very good, but when you’ve got exams to study for it becomes a waste of time all of a sudden!

Speaking of soup, today is just full of coincidences! I woke up with a very sore throat this morning (signs of a worse sickness coming on). Then I went to school and it was super cold outside with ominous, strong winds. It’s like today was just meant to be a bad day. *sweatdrop* At least when I came home I found a huge pot of rice congee with fish (or chao ca in Vietnamese) waiting for me. It’s like my mom knew I’d be needing it and made it for me *_*

I don’t know where my sickness came from all of a sudden. I always dress warmly enough and I didn’t feel even slightly bad at all this week. Admittedly, I never have a consistent and adequate sleeping schedule. That probably lowers my immune system by a lot and the Sick Gods for some reason like to strike me right before exams as usual. *sick*

Website Updates: A few things worth mentioning… Added a Plugboard, Contact Form, Guestbook, and Affiliate application. They should all be working. WordPress plugins are truly awesome! It’s like everything can easily be integrated into my website now instead of having to install different scripts and such.